Sibers was established in 1998 in Akademgorodok — literally, the “town of academics”. Located near Novosibirsk, Russia’s third-largest city, Akademgorodok hosts several scientific institutions and one of Russia’s top three universities. Nestled in-between the green Siberian pine forests and the Novosibirsk Reservoir, Akademgorodok is large enough to foster tremendous IT expertise growth, but small enough to ensure create strong bonds between team members and frequent communication between professionals.

Sibers team

Web Development Team

Web development team at Sibers
Numbering 60 web coders, Web Development is Sibers’ largest team and covers a wide platform range including PHP, ASP.NET, Java, Google Web Toolkit, and Node.js, along with client-side platforms like JavaScript, Ajax, jQuery, HTML5/CSS3, and Microsoft Silverlight. With such a large team, it isn’t surprising that there are five team leaders — one for each platform set, except for PHP, which has two.

Desktop Software Development Team

Desktop development team at Sibers
Through the combination of varied development platforms and expertise was born the Desktop Software Development team. This crack squad’s abilities entail development for almost every popular operating system, including Mac OS X, Windows, Unix, and Unix-like systems such as Linux, Ubuntu and FreeBSD, together with cross-platform software development. Also, this team is highly trained in the complex field of embedded software development.

Mobile Development Team

Mobile development team at Sibers
Sibers’ newest team is, not surprisingly, its busiest. The current team consists of almost 30 mobile developers. In most cases, mobile app development projects are smaller than web or software projects, which makes this team unique in the sense that its development projects have short turnarounds, new platform releases are frequent, and industry standards are always changing. The tech wizards who comprise our mobile team are young and creative.

Design Team

Design team at Sibers
The Design Team’s responsibilities include creating user interfaces, designing user experiences, wire-framing, developing logos and identities, sketching, illustrating, 3D graphics, and designing the interfaces of mobile and web applications. Oh, and coding for design, of course! The Design Team knows responsive and adaptive design inside-out, and so too platform and device-agnostic web development practices.

Project Management Team

Project management team at Sibers
Project Management Team manages all projects developed by Sibers and consists of highly professional project managers. Our PMs are not just IT veterans but also energetic and fearless people.

Customer Care Management Team

Customer care management team at Sibers
Customer Care Manager protects your interests during the project development stage. They provide you with the necessary non-technical information concerning the project and make sure that you get what you expect from collaboration with Sibers.

Financial Department

Financial department at Sibers
Financial discipline is a huge advantage for both Sibers and our clients, and it's practiced daily by our financial managers for everyone’s mutual benefit. The Finance department takes charge of all financial arrivals, obligations and reports, and doles out bonuses for outstanding achievements and overtime work, as well as reimbursement expenses for meeting our clients in our offices, and vice-versa.

Sales Department

Sales department at Sibers
The Sales department’s top priority is to ensure a complete understanding of the customer’s needs; as such, they’re in constant contact with our Technology team, because the more coherently a customer’s concept is communicated, the easier it is for our technical consultants to advise a solution and assure the customer of our ability to execute their vision.

Marketing and PR Department

Marketing and PR department at Sibers
Sibers’ Marketing and PR department is a major conduit between the company and any potential/current customer or employee. This savvy group is always devising new ways to position Sibers as a world leader in IT outsourcing, and consistently finds fresh angles from which the world can view the company and its strengths.

CEO and Founder

CEO and Shareholders at Sibers
This is Sibers’ most serious team, and for good reason — it manages the company's business processes and coordinates the actions of every other Sibers division. Though each Executive team member is very busy, they still find time to inspire the staff and participate in the company's informal activities.

Industry Recognition and Professional Certifications


01 Sep

Sibers is 25!

The 25th birthday is a time for gratitude and reflection on our accomplishments.

20 Jan

New Year 2023 — Sibers at Hogwarts

A magical new year party in the Hogwarts decorations.

06 Nov

Sibers at GITEX and SGI Printing Conference

Our sales and marketing team have visited two events in Dubai — the SGI Printing Exhibition and North Star at GITEX.