Customer Stories

Matisseo Photo Book Publishing Service


Matisseo is a popular French photo book publishing service. With Matisseo, a user can create, share and purchase photo books online. Sibers provided the client with four solutions: in-site photo book sharing and preview functions, an online photo book editor, an order processing system, and prepress automation.

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Eyefi Wireless Memory Card


One of the most rewarding aspects of being an outsourcing provider is watching a solution you helped create grow from a basic concept into a hugely successful application. One such success story is Eyefi, which has attracted thousands of customers worldwide and brought millions of dollars to its founders since its 2007 debut.

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Logos3D: A 3D Simulations Engine


This project, which has won multiple awards and scholarships, was launched in the Netherlands by two brothers, who are the two biggest 3D technology enthusiasts we’ve ever met. As with almost every game engine, their offering, Logos3D, began as an internal project intended to help the brothers create their own games. Later it grew into a comprehensive proprietary middleware for creating lush, natural 3D virtual environments ideal for games, interactive simulators, and research tools. Indeed, Logos3D’s application field is very diverse.

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Application for Teaching Sports Technique


The solution, based on biomechanical principles, data mining, and statistics, provides athletes with a uniquely effective training tool that is now used in more than 70 sports facilities worldwide.

And in more good news, the training application was featured in The Washington Post, which wondered if the technology could help win an Olympic gold. It not only did just that, but also helped set a new world record!

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Clinical Trials Solution


Our customer is a service and IT consultant for institutions and organizations conducting clinical trials and biomedical studies across America. Sibers was asked to develop a platform that combined the functionalities of medical data capture, biological samples, associated data storage and retrieval, and clinical trial management.

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Colorado Timberline B2B Garment Printing


Colorado Timberline’s facilities are now shipping over a million units per year. Sibers’ platform has helped the company position itself among the custom apparel design field’s top players, turning it into a wholesale print-on-garment enterprise offering inkjet printing, sublimation, laser etching and embroidery.

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Evidence-based self-triage instrument


Self-diagnosis is incredibly helpful in emergency situations — for example, when calling 911, exchanging information efficiently when time is of the essence often means the difference between life and death.

Sibers was tasked by an experienced family doctor and medical entrepreneur to create an online version of a symptom-based, self-diagnostic tool of his creation.

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Rob King,
Founder and Managing Director
at 2Hippo Pty Ltd.
Phone number is provided by request

Our company has been developing software for over 10 years in Australia. We always hired local staff, but finding the right skills for short term projects was becoming more and more difficult, and time consuming. We looked to outsourcing as a way to access skilled professionals, within an established organisation with proven project management systems.

Clint Pollok,
President and CEO
at EZWebplayer
+1 877 647 9007

We've worked with Sibers since 2009 developing several new platforms for our business. I've been very happy with their expertise and response to any issues that require response. Sibers has a broad set of development skills to help you with any kind of project. They have very good people to work with and I would absolutely recommend them. (May 2013)

Loren Roosendaal,
Founder and CEO
at IC3D Media
+31 681772535

We really recommend Sibers to anyone looking for high-quality offshore development/outsourcing. Sibers provided excellent programmers which have worked on a variety of complex tasks and performed very well. Their team has been very customer-oriented and responsive to our needs, which made us feel comfortable using their services throughout the project. They really try to go the extra mile: We even got a handwritten Christmas card and tiny Russian boots in December. What more could you want? (December 2014)

Espen Grimstad,
Chief Technology Officer
at Transfercar Ltd
+64 9 630 7533

Its been a long and healthy partnership between Sibers and Transfercar. For over 2 years Sibers have acted as Transfercar's development team for our online business. Sibers have always been professional and provided us with great development team. On behalf of Transfercar I would like to thank you for a great working relationship, and I am looking forward to the next time we will work together. (May 2012)

Murat Tureli,
General Manager and Company Partner
at Sui
+90 (312) 436 0036

We have completed our fourth project with this company. Since the completion of the first project, we know that any project of ours will will be developed flawlessly and these guys will show extra attention to our projects as if it is their own. Thanks a lot to "the team" and see you soon. (July 2014)

Brandon H.,
Founder and CEO
at Web Platform for Copywrite Freelancers
Phone number is provided by request

We've had a wonderful 2 year relationship and have been very happy with Sibers. They've always been incredibly dedicated and ready to help us with any new features or issues we've had and we can highly recommend them for projects of any size. (December 2013)

Ed Borgquist,
Senior Project Manager
at DomainCostClub
+1 760 602 3050

We've been using Sibers on a full-time basis since 2015 for all types of web development projects. They have made themselves compatible with our business needs, and have proven countless times that they work fantastically with our existing team of programmers. Pavel, Vadim, and Alisa are just as much "a part of the team" as the rest of our in-house staff. We couldn't be happier! (October 2016)

Daniel Keane,
President & CEO
at Mod-Pac Corp.
+1 716 566 9231

We continue to be very happy with Sibers. As the owner of a large manufacturing firm, for over 20 years I have worked closely with software development teams to reduce our operational costs and to make us Better, Faster, Cheaper, and Closer (with our business partners). Custom applications enable efficient workflows & close collaboration — which increases the responsiveness of our manufacturing operations — a key strategic advantage in dynamic markets with increasing demand variation. Sibers has served as our remote software development team since 2014. Their performance has been outstanding. The technical architecture of their applications follow industry standard best practices and their project management skills are comprehensive. I highly recommend them. "There's a way to do it better — find it." — Thomas A. Edison (November 2016)

Vincent Wegener,
at Appit
Phone number is provided by request

We have worked with Sibers for years and are still working with them with great pleasure. Their communication and response time is always fast and on point. The same goes for the work they deliver. Highly recommended if you are looking for a software development partner. (January 2017)

Siobhan O'Grady & Anthony Casimano,
at Find a Top Doc, Inc.
+1 (866) 664-DOCS

They are an incredible team to work with and capable of performing extremely complex projects. Highly recommended. (January 2018)

Pablo Monzon,
Co-Founder and CEO
at WeFitness Pte. Ltd.
+65 92726420

We’ve been working with Sibers for over a year now, since July 2016. We initially assigned them a small part of our mobile development and it’s a testament to their capabilities and professionalism that now they are handling 100% of all our mobile efforts. We couldn’t be happier with the Developers, Project Managers and Client Service allocated to our project. They are always on top of every detail. I would not hesitate to recommend Sibers to anyone who needs to outsource a small part or the totality of their development. You won’t be disappointed. (November 2017)

Ken Levin,
at Creative Strategies IT
+1 847 602 4709

Sibers was referred to me by a friend and technology professional who is also using Sibers. From the beginning, I was impressed with the consultative process the Sibers Account Representative used to help me refine and improve my product concept, MyRideTrac – Mileage Tracker, as we prepared for the estimation process. MyRideTrac – Mileage Tracker logs the mileage and expenses for rideshare drivers for taxes.

Vicente L.,
Contract Project Manager
at Woodform Architectural
Phone number is not provided

For almost two years of working with Sibers, we were able to hit our KPIs because this team of developers is really flexible. Aside from they can develop our ideas, they were able to give viable recommendations on how we can improve our project better. Working with them allows us to be more efficient in focusing on what is needed to be done on our project rather than thinking about how are we going to implement it. (February 2018)

Evelyne Letawe,
at Chinese Flash Characters PLC
Phone number is provided by request

I have worked with Sibers for more than 2 1/2 years to my entire satisfaction. The quality of the work delivered, the extreme professionalism of my project manager to handle communication, the adherence to deadlines and the way they have regularly solicited my feedback along the way to improve our cooperation have been outstanding and have allowed my product to come to fruition. I will definitely use their expertise again for further projects in a near future and happily recommend them. (October 2018)

Cory D.,
+1 415 309 2573​

This project turned out great and was well regarded by the users and customers. It was a pleasure to work together. (October 2017)

I've been working with Sibers since August 2015 and very happy with the quality and communication process. Most of my overseas contractors are less creative and don't dig into what makes sense for the business and users. Sibers sees the challenges and provides suggestions well in advance to prevent a lot of wasted coding hours. We're planning to grow our business with Sibers. (May 2018)

Paul Dames,
at Approval Flow

SIBERS SAVES THE DAY! With the release of IOS8.1 the MediPresent IOS app was affected. As a desperate measure to ensure business continuity for the client a decision was made to create a custom version of one of the presentations. Vadim did an outstanding job of assisting in securing the services of Stepan, to help with this task. Stepan worked long hours to produce a custom application in just one day. I just want to thank Sibers and specifically Vadim and Stepan for their outstanding efforts. Both Vadim and Stepan bear testimony to the outstanding work ethic within Sibers. I am really privileged to work with such smart and dedicated professionals. Due to their sterling efforts I managed to salvage a difficult situation with my client. (October 2014)

Gino Poli,
Independent Business Consultant
+41 79 239 6001

When you bring external resources into a project, you are always evaluated against the weakest link. In our project, Sibers delivered a performance completely aligned with client's quality requirements and contributed greatly to its success. (July 2018)

Darren Burden,
Executive Director & Co-Founder
at Mizzen Group
Phone number is provided by request

Sibers have been part of our team since June 2016. They are very professional, well organised and develop robust code that has been in production for us since September 2016, so much time has elapsed that a handful of babies have been born in both businesses! We have Product Management, Design and Lead Developers in Sydney, with the other half of our development team being the Sibers team.

Sam Reader,
at Click Global
+44 7753 281 566

I've been working with Sibers for just over a year now and as a young entrepreneur I've been pleased to work with them. They developed exactly what I asked for and more. Communicating on a daily basis was made simple with my project manager and the quality of work that came out of it was to the highest standard. I would recommend Sibers to anyone thinking of developing an app and I plan on working very closely with them in the future. (April 2019)

Amy Hong,
at Smart Learning Co.
Phone number is provided by request

Sibers is the most professional outsourcing firm I ever collaborate with! (May 2019)

Agustin Pereyra,
Business Owner
at OptimisPIC LLC
+55 48 99943 17197

To all the people in this wonderful team: THANK YOU.

I'm really happy with the results, I have what I paid for, and my initial expectations and the final product were established from the beginning with your help, knowledge and experience.

Robert Woidneck,
at CraftConnect
+1 619 618 6754

The Sibers Team was very easy to work with and very professional. The website they made was fist class at a very fair price. The communication and service is outstanding. I would recommend Sibers to anyone looking for any type of web development.(June 2019)

Daniel Schulman,
at TextMyLink
+1 412 225 0540

Second time using the team, and I will definitely be back. We did some app feature upgrades and once again pleased with their speed, efficiency, and communication. (May 2020)

Aidan Donahue,
at ScratchShark
Phone number is provided by agreement

This was our second experience working with Ixobit/Sibers, and again they did not disappoint. After delivering flawlessly on a prior project, Ixobit again came through and brought our product vision to life. They make significant efforts to understand the product and provide excellent guidance. We plan to use Ixobit again for the next phase of our project. (February 2020)

Wally Crittenden,
at Modern Sports Group
Skype: wally_crittenden

Tremendous asset to any project. They were a fully integrated member of our team and I was really impressed with communication, quality of work and turnaround time on requested tasks. I highly recommend the team at Sibers for any job. (May 2022)

Michael Bell,
at Croo LLC
+1 626 807 1360

When I first called Sibers in 2018 to help develop a web application for scheduling TV commercials and movies, I’ll admit that I knew almost nothing about them. They seemed friendly and capable in our first meeting, but I needed a reliable recommendation. As it turns out, they had developed another entertainment website that I happen to use regularly. I called that client, also based in Los Angeles, and received assurance that they knew what they were doing.

David Cordwell,
Marketing Manager
at Sculptform
+61 800 008 828

Sibers have helped us develop our own custom built pricing platform, which has provided a huge amount of value to the business. A particular strength of Sibers has been taking our ideas of a functionality requirement and converting that into something buildable, along with an explanation of how that building process will work. The dedication Sibers has shown to our project makes them a valuable part of our team and gives us a software development capability that we otherwise would not have. (July 2020)

Phone number is provided by request

After working with the Sibers team for over two years, we have been delighted with our experience. Sibers have acted as a true extension of our business and have become a critical part of our success. The quality of work coupled with their ability to scale and grow their involvement with our own business has given us unparalleled flexibility. It has, and continues to be, a highly successful partnership. (November 2020).

Paul Lutkajtis,
Head of Product
at Vilno Group PTY LTD.
+61 401 044 111

Great team. Great quality work. Continuing to work with them into the future. Highly recommended. (February 2019)

Yosef Adest,
at 52Frames

I have been working with Sibers for over 4 years now, and the team built my entire community website from scratch. I am in touch with my project manager each and every day, and that makes all the difference, especially as I don't have a development background. They will never say they don't do something a certain way, they will always figure out a way to do it, and they are always professional, courteous, and everyone I'm in touch with seems to be genuinely kind. They also work with whatever budget I have at the moment, and that makes this ongoing relationship a no-brainer. Thank you, Sibers! (March 2023)