How Outsourcing Works for Intermediaries, Digital agencies and Software Development Companies

Outsourcing for intermediaries and digital agencies
Outsourcing for intermediaries and digital agencies

Say you run a digital agency, a software development company or your company’s IT department. A client of yours (or another in-house division) needs a project completed within a budget and schedule that you can’t meet using your local resources. You start thinking about outsourcing. What insights do you need? What are the facts that you should check before committing?

Here are a few essentials:

  • Ask your outsourcing partner to guarantee the number of developers, designers, testers and managers that it can allocate to your project at any given time. Also, make sure that your team’s composition can be modified according to your client’s needs.
  • As the de facto middleman, you’ll want to ensure that questions and requirements can be quickly directed from your client to the development team, and vice versa.
  • Double check that all parties involved agree on the relevant NDAs, payment terms, binding milestones and any other legal documents that could prevent the project from moving forward.

Featured case studies developed for Intermediaries

Custom Operations and POS Device Management Systems for a Large Telecom Provider


Three years later, we’ve not only built a system that enables single sign-on for the company’s staff on a variety of websites, but we have also created a variety of tools, ranging from management software for business operations, to custom POS devices.

Case study in details

Clinical Trials Solution


Our customer is a service and IT consultant for institutions and organizations conducting clinical trials and biomedical studies across America. Sibers was asked to develop a platform that combined the functionalities of medical data capture, biological samples, associated data storage and retrieval, and clinical trial management.

Case study in details

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