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Since 1998, Sibers has provided more than 1,700 top-notch IT outsourcing solutions to its customers. Our diverse services portfolio ranges from web development and mobile apps to quality control and security. We’re passionate about coding and we know how to do it right.
Sibers employs 150 specialists who are among the world’s best and brightest.

Launching a StartUp?
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An iterative development process offers the highest level of flexibility for innovative projects. Worried about burn rate? A remote team is the best choice for your new startup.

While you concentrate on building your business, we’ll ensure that your ideas take shape exactly as you imagined them, on-time and on-budget.

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Outsourcing helps in launching a startup

Remote team flexibility for Intermediaries

The needs of digital and marketing agencies, intermediaries and Tier-1 providers often change according to what the market demands — which means that when adjustments are necessary, fast execution is key. Sibers team’s composition adapts over time to your changing needs, and is as easy to manage as your local staff. We’re all about transparency, integration and reliability.

Shortcuts: Intermediaries’ outsourcing essentials; Success stories; Define your project

Outsourcing helps intermediaries and marketing agencies

If your local staff is overburdened,
we’ll lend a hand to your business

Imagine the Sibers team as a natural extension of your business. We’ll integrate flawlessly into your pre-existing processes and hit the ground running. Moreover, we’ll share the same values and goals as your local team, and you’ll have the ability to remotely monitor our progress.

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Outsourcing helps established businesses owners to run their business

The Theory of Outsourcing from Square One

"Outsourcing" is a word you’ve probably heard a lot. Sibers believes that the best way to begin a business relationship is to introduce the outsourcing concept from square one — starting with a discussion about outsourcing’s advantages and how they can be best applied to your specific IT market.

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Our service is a combination of our knowledge, years of experience and the usage
of best industry practices to handle IT projects from many industries.
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Case Studies

Videoshop: A Native Mobile Video Editor

Videoshop: a native mobile video editor

When we started working with Videoshop in 2013, our client, Joe, wanted to create a video editing mobile application superior to everything else on the market. After studying the competition, he set out to build a product with a features list the others could only dream of. To execute his vision, he turned to Sibers.

Location USA
Industries Media and entertainment
Customer type Start-Up
Work approach Iterative development
Platforms Mobile
Years active 2013 — present
Project size equivalent 14 000 man-hours
Case study in details

Logos3D: A 3D Simulations Engine

Logos3D: A 3D Simulations Engine

This project, which has won multiple awards and scholarships, was launched in the Netherlands by two brothers, who are the two biggest 3D technology enthusiasts we’ve ever met. As with almost every game engine, their offering, Logos3D, began as an internal project intended to help the brothers create their own games. Later it grew into a comprehensive proprietary middleware for creating lush, natural 3D virtual environments ideal for games, interactive simulators, and research tools. Indeed, Logos3D’s application field is very diverse.

Location Netherlands
Industries Business and professional services, Media and entertainment
Customer type Start-Up
Work approach Custom remote team
Platforms Cross-platform, Mobile, Windows, Unix, Mac OS X
Years active 2010 — present
Project size equivalent 11 000 man-hours
Case study in details

Clinical Trials Solution

Clinical Trials Solution

Our customer is a service and IT consultant for institutions and organizations conducting clinical trials and biomedical studies across America. Sibers was asked to develop a platform that combined the functionalities of medical data capture, biological samples, associated data storage and retrieval, and clinical trial management.

Location USA
Industries Healthcare
Customer type Intermediary
Work approach Custom remote team
Platforms Windows
Years active 2006 — 2012
Project size equivalent 56 000 man-hours
Case study in details

Colorado Timberline B2B Garment Printing

Colorado Timberline — Digital printing automation

Colorado Timberline’s facilities are now shipping over a million units per year. Sibers’ platform has helped the company position itself among the custom apparel design field’s top players, turning it into a wholesale print-on-garment enterprise offering inkjet printing, sublimation, laser etching and embroidery.

Location USA
Industries Business and professional services, Digital printing
Customer type Business Owner
Work approach Custom remote team
Platforms Web, Unix
Years active 2005 — 2009
Project size equivalent 40 000 man-hours
Case study in details

Evidence-based self-triage instrument

Evidence-based self-triage instrument

Self-diagnosis is incredibly helpful in emergency situations — for example, when calling 911, exchanging information efficiently when time is of the essence often means the difference between life and death.

Sibers was tasked by an experienced family doctor and medical entrepreneur to create an online version of a symptom-based, self-diagnostic tool of his creation.

Location USA
Industries Healthcare
Customer type Start-Up
Work approach Iterative development
Platforms Web, Cross-platform
Years active 2011 — present
Project size equivalent 3 000 man-hours
Case study in details

Matisseo Photo Book Publishing Service

Matisseo photobook

Matisseo is a popular French photo book publishing service. With Matisseo, a user can create, share and purchase photo books online. Sibers provided the client with four solutions: in-site photo book sharing and preview functions, an online photo book editor, an order processing system, and prepress automation.

Location France
Industries Consumer business and retail, Digital printing
Customer type Business Owner
Work approach Custom remote team
Platforms Web, Windows, Cross-platform
Years active 2008 — present
Project size equivalent 17 000 man-hours
Case study in details
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We continue to be very happy with Sibers. As the owner of a large manufacturing firm, for over 20 years I have worked closely with software development teams to reduce our operational costs and to make us Better, Faster, Cheaper, and Closer (with our business partners). Custom applications enable efficient workflows & close collaboration — which increases the responsiveness of our manufacturing operations — a key strategic advantage in dynamic markets with increasing demand variation. Sibers has served as our remote software development team since 2014. Their performance has been outstanding. The technical architecture of their applications follow industry standard best practices and their project management skills are comprehensive. I highly recommend them. "There's a way to do it better — find it." — Thomas A. Edison (November 2016)

Daniel Keane, President & CEO
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Sibers was established in Akademgorodok — literally, the “town of academics”.

Nestled in-between the green Siberian pine forests and the Novosibirsk Reservoir, Akademgorodok
is large enough to foster tremendous IT expertise growth, but small enough to create strong bonds
between team members and frequent communication between professionals.

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