Taposé Multi-media Digital Notebook

A new way to take notes

Project Background

Inspired by Microsoft’s Courier, our client wanted to provide iPad users with seamless multitasking and a new form of content creation.

Since our client only moonlighted as an engineer who built mobile applications, he had neither the time nor the budget to launch such an ambitious project. After considering his options, he turned to Kickstarter to turn his dream company, Taposé, into a reality.

Our client’s Kickstarter campaign went public in late March, 2012. By late May, he’d raised 265% of his goal, allowing development to begin that June.

Using the iPad application as a starting point, Sibers also built an Android version and Taposé’s supporting website.


The name “Taposé” derives from the verb “juxtapose”, and means “to place things close together or side by side”. The name is ideal for the client in that it reflects the application’s purpose: Taposé’s split interface ensures interaction with multiple apps simultaneously.

The application can be used as a journal: writing notes, scribbling, sketching, gluing stickers, etc. — while at the same time allowing a user to type, edit and highlight text, just like a word processor. With a simple drag ‘n drop, maps and various media formats can also be added to the journal from various sources, including Safari.

The app interface splits the screen in two, letting users interact simultaneously with Safari, Calculator, Mail, Google Maps and many more applications, all without leaving Taposé. A “separation bar” between the two sections serves as temporary holder for various media pieces.

Once created, a journal is stored in the cloud. Through Evernote or PDF, the author can share any part of it with his/her contacts, or let other Taposé users view and edit it.

Tech highlights

  • PHP
  • Symfony
  • Propel
  • MySQL
  • Third-party components: Amazon Web Services API, Dropbox API, Evernote API, Apple payment
  • Objective-C
  • SQLite
  • Foundation, UIKit, CoreGraphics, QuartzCore, CoreText, CoreData, CFNetwork, CoreLocation, StoreKit (in-app purchases), EventKit (iCal integration), MediaPlayer, AudioToolbox, OpenGL ES, iAds, MapKit, AddressBook
  • Third-party: HockeyApp SDK, Dropbox SDK, Facebook SDK, Amazon S3, Evernote, Appirater


Taposé became a successful startup. Some time later, its owner made a profitable exit. Given its uniqueness, Taposé encountered a few obstacles along the way — namely, an initial rejection from the App Store. However, it eventually made a successful debut on iPad in March 2013, and quickly climbed the “top paid applications” list. Beautiful and engaging, Taposé ascended all the way to #26, becoming one of the most powerful notebook apps in the entire iPad catalogue.

Customer Says

This project was very intense and included a lot within a short amount of time. Sibers worked with us to break a HUGE project up into smaller chunks which could be worked much easier, while fitting everything within our limited budget and timeframe. Everyone we communicated with is/was very friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. Also, the programmers seemed to go above and beyond. When we forgot minor things in the project details (or in the wireframes for the design), they helped us fill the gaps and make it right. Many times we needed to set up phone calls, and even though there was an extreme time difference, they were happy to oblige and adjusted to our schedule for these calls when possible. This was the first time we have worked with Sibers, and from this experience we will definitely consider them for other projects and hope to work with them again in the future. (October 2011)

This was a continuation of a previous project that Sibers had completed. The project was very complicated and Sibers was probably the only provider which could have completed it. Our company was very short on cash as this was our first large product release, and Sibers worked with us to choose the best possible functionality to fit our budget. They were always timely with responses and knowledgeable in the respective field. Lastly, occasionally when needed, the project manager would call me to discuss items/issues quickly to avoid a delay due to email and his spoken English was superb. (May 2012)

Benjamin Monnig — Founder at Taposé

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